Teri FirtosIllustrator

    Teri Firtos still isn’t sure what she wants to be when she grows up. She has a loving husband who allows her to be just a little crazy and three beautiful, independent daughters that she would do anything for. She also has three (soon to be five!) grandsons she can’t spoil as much as she would like. Two are in Montana and one plus is in New Mexico. Fortunately she is expecting a fifth grandchild on Valentine’s Day 2017 who will live just down the road.

    She aspires to become an author one day, but punctuation and grammar are beasts. So in the meantime she will continue to love and care for her collection of orphaned pets (5 dogs and 3 cats) and dote on her 16 sweet, breakfast bearing hens, all the while continuing to debate with her husband on why she needs a pot bellied pig and a miniature goat.