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Right now we are looking for clean, positive middle-grade fiction that includes a special-needs character, portrayed in a positive light. (It doesn’t have to be the main character, but it can be.) While our books aren’t blatantly, in-your-face Christian, we do publish books from a Christian world view . . . meaning, there’s a God who loves us more than anything, and our primary purpose on this earth is to reflect God’s love to the people around us. We like our main characters to grow, during the course of the book, in their understanding of how to live out that purpose.

We’re also looking for nonfiction books, written with grace and humor, that are aimed at families and friends of those with special needs. We don’t want clinical books about illnesses; rather, we want real, front-lines, down-and-dirty encouragement for families with this life experience. Encourage us and make us laugh, and we’ll consider your book. Check out Andrea Frazer’s book, Happily Ticked Off: A Tourette’s Mom-moir for an example. 

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If you feel your book fits our current needs, we’d be happy to take a look. However, first impressions are important! Before you submit, make sure your book has been thoroughly and professionally edited. (Poor writing and typos are a turnoff.) Here’s a great article on how to write a book proposal.

Send your finished proposal, with the first three chapters of your book, to We look forward to hearing from you!