Happily Ticked Off: A Tourette’s Mom-Moir


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Former Hollywood sitcom writer and funny girl Andrea R. Frazer thought she had it all: a hunky husband, two gorgeous kids, a house in the ‘burbs . . . but when her son was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome, a disorder that causes uncontrollable tics and twitches, her fantasy life imploded. Terrified, she feared he would bark, scream and curse in circle time. Turns out the only person who barked, screamed and cursed was Andrea, as she went head-to-head with this confusing condition. From diet to meds, shrinks to therapists, Frazer has written a no-holds-barred mom-moir about the realities of raising a kid on the spectrum. It isn’t always pretty, but it’s real, and if you’re as scared as she was, clarity can look pretty darn gorgeous. Written with humor, transparency and most importantly, hope, it’s Andrea’s desire that this book will hold the hand of every special needs parent.

“May it whisper in your ear, ‘You did not cause this condition. Stop blaming yourself. You are not alone.’ And while you’re at it, eat a taco. Life is better with a little food. (Trust me on this one.)” ~ Andrea

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