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Christians everywhere have heard Malachi 2:16, where God says “I hate divorce.” Many interpret that to mean divorce is sin, and many conservative churches go so far as to ban the divorced person from holding positions of leadership.

But God is divorced! In Jeremiah 3:8, God gave Israel a certificate of divorce. If God is divorced, and God is without sin, then divorce itself can’t be sin. Can it?

God hates divorce because it hurts his children. He’s been there, and He knows. God hates the sin, the broken vows, and the harmful behaviors that lead to divorce . . . but sometimes, divorce is the appropriate response to sin.

In this short booklet, former pastor’s wife Renae Brumbaugh Green explores the biblical reasons for divorce (it’s more than just adultery) and paints a picture of God’s mercy and grace for His hurting children.

*This product contains religious content.


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