For Love or Money (Cattle on a Thousand Hills Book 1)


“Down through the ages there has always been the struggle: “Is this for love or for money?” This story is an interesting romantic adventure into the thoughts and actions of Grace Foster, a Texas gal in the heart of Chicago around the beginning of the 20th Century.

Grace, looking for a reason to get out of her small town as well as “make a difference,” crossed the country by train to rescue her very ill childhood friend, Anne, who was headmistress at an inner city orphanage. The question was how did she expect to make a difference…by marrying the wealthy heir, Daniel Ross, or allowing her heart to rule in favor of Trevor James, the cowboy taking classes to become a preacher.” – Amazon Customer

Product Description

When Grace Foster is summoned to Chicago to fill in as headmistress for an orphanage, she feels this is her chance to make a difference.

To help others.

This is her chance to escape her blink-if-you-miss-it, hole-in-the-wall Texas town. When wealthy heir Daniel Ross comes calling, she wonders if her dreams of becoming a philanthropist have come true.

But then Trevor James, a rugged cowboy-turned-seminary student volunteers to make repairs on the dilapidated orphanage, and Grace’s dreams take a tumble. Can she stay true to her plans of becoming a wealthy benefactress, or has the strapping Texas cattleman managed to lasso her heart?

In this classic tale of brawn versus bank account, Brumbaugh uses her trademark humor and wit to examine what it means to really trust God with our dreams and desires.

*This book contains subtle religious content.

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