Who Are We?

Armonia Publishing started in November, 2014 when an author and a songwriter—who also happened to be married to each other—lay awake one night dreaming about what if . . .

What if we could write what we wanted, instead of writing what’s commercially popular?

What if we could help other artists use their talents in a way that makes the world a better place?

What if we focused more on making a difference than on making a dollar?

So late that night, we started a little blog. But all the good music-y (is that a word?) blog names were taken, at least in English. So we did a language search and came up with Armonia . . . the Spanish word for Harmony. We like the idea of harmony, of making the world around us blend in a beautiful, pleasing way. And we liked the way the word Armonia flowed off our lips, so we went with it.

A year later, we’d published five books and a couple of songs.

We’re now in our second year, and we’ve had several Amazon bestsellers. Our books have won awards. We have a couple of books being considered for some pretty big literary honors. One of our books has already been optioned for a movie, and we’re in conversation with a production company about film/movie options for several of our other books. (Stay tuned for more details about all of that.)

Most importantly, we feel good about what we’re doing:

  1. We publish children’s and middle-grade books with really cool characters, some of whom just happen to be labeled as “special needs.”
  2. We publish books that help and encourage families of children with special needs.
  3. We publish books that make education fun and interactive.
  4. We publish really funny stuff.
  5. We publish positive, clean historical romance (just because the owner really likes historical romance.)
  6. We publish quirky, conversational Bible studies and devotional books, to make the Bible easy-access for regular people.
  7. We publish books that remind people how cool God is, and how much He loves us.
  8. We publish songs sporadically, just because.


Rick and Renae hikingAnd right now, that’s pretty much it. We are Rick and Renae Green, and we’re glad you stopped by.