Pick Me!

Do you remember that feeling, in third grade, when the teacher lined everyone up against the wall, appointed two team captains, and told them to choose teams? Man, I hated those times. My palms would get all sweaty, and I could barely breathe. Pick me, pick me, please pick me. If the teams were athletic, I was often the last picked. But I just loved it when they were choosing for the spelling bee, because then, I was the first choice!

foster flirtIt feels good to be chosen. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a sports team, a spelling bee, or a job, we all want to be picked. We all want to feel wanted, needed, loved.

We all want to feel included.

And it doesn’t matter how old we get, or how successful we are, deep down, we all still get that sweaty-palm feeling any time we are thrust into a new situation. We all fear rejection. We all want to be chosen.

That’s why it’s so cool when we realize that God chose us! He did, you know. He chose each and every one of us, and He wants to include us in His family.

Now, I’m not a theologian. I don’t hold a fancy degree in biblical studies, and I certainly don’t claim to have all the answers. But honestly, folks. The idea that God chose me just blows my mind.

Gerald's Journal CoverThis is why I’m so excited about our upcoming book, Gerald’s Journal by David McElhinny. Gerald is a great kid, an amazing person by anyone’s standards. But he has a little trouble fitting in because of his disability. With laugh-out-loud humor and clever wit, the author takes us inside the thoughts of a boy who just wants to have friends and feel accepted.

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Gerald Layout ideas.compressed

Excerpt from Gerald’s Journal by David McElhinny

And just in case you haven’t had enough warm-fuzzy, make-your-toes-tingle moments today, here’s this.

Have a beautiful day!

–Renae from Armonia


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