Funny Coffee Girl – The Breaking Point: And the verdict is . . .

Reviews are starting to trickle in for The Breaking Point by Renae Brumbaugh. And we’re pleased to share that so far, they’re all 5-star reviews! The Breaking Point cover image

Okay, so there’s only 3 reviews so far. But we have it on good word that none of them are from people the author has ever personally met.

One reviewer, Shan, has this to say: “What a fun book that will have you laughing, crying and thinking how smart you were to pick it up.”

And Becky says: “Hilarious, side-splitting, snorting, LOL fun!!”

If you haven’t checked out this unique and truly funny book, you can do so here.  Go ahead. Purchase a copy for yourself and one for everyone you know. We’ll print more. 🙂

Have a beautiful, laugh-out-loud Saturday!

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