Chasing Dreams . . . Coming in June!

Chasing dreams . . .

That’s what 12-year-old Rebecca thinks she’s doing when she competes for a scholarship at the prestigious Columbia Girls’ Academy. But when Cinderella’s wicked stepsister turns out to be her roommate, her dreams evaporate into nightmares.

chasing dreams book cover           “They only invited you here to give the appearance of being a charitable institution,” Jill said in that fakey-sweet voice. “There’s nothing wrong with charity, but Columbia prefers to keep its charity cases on the other side of the world, not right here under their roof.”

That did it. Rebecca pushed herself to a sitting position and launched off the top bunk. Her feet slammed on the floor. She pointed her finger in Jill’s face in a swift, sure motion she was quite sure she could never duplicate. “Look here, Miss Prissy-Bow, you’ve got a lot of nerve saying—”

The door popped open and Rebecca’s words came to a halt. Hannah stood in the doorway, and her expression held a mixture of shock and disappointment and . . . and something else Rebecca couldn’t quite identify. The smug look on Jill’s face only magnified Rebecca’s humiliation when she realized Hannah had just witnessed the height of Rebecca’s temper, and none of Jill’s snide remarks.

As of this moment, it looked as if Jill might be right, at least where Rebecca was concerned. Rebecca didn’t have a snowball’s chance in Texas to win this scholarship.

About the Author: Renae Brumbaugh lives in Texas with her husband, who she calls Superman, her four children, a dozen chickens, and one crazy dog named Moses. When she’s not writing, she pretends to be a famous rock star, and practices her singing using a hairbrush as a microphone and a mirror as her audience. Renae authored four books in The Camp Club Girls series, Christmas Stories for Bedtime, and some sappy stories for grown-ups, too.

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