Our awesome-autistic guy . . .

It’s still autism awareness month, and Nick keeps us very aware of his awesomeness, all the time. Since it’s not really fair to keep all this awesome-cool-amazing stuff to ourselves, we decided to share . . . NICK SWIMMING

Yep. Doesn’t get much better than that. 🙂 If you know someone with this particular brand of awesome, please consider submitting a story to our Sibling Series. We’re looking for short stories (500-1500 words) about siblings, where one of the siblings has autism, Down’s Syndrome, Tourette Syndrome, or any other special brand of awesome that fits the special needs category. It doesn’t have to be written by a sibling; we’re just looking for fun, silly, up-beat stories about these special siblings. Send to Rick@ArmoniaPublishing.com . Happy Monday!

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