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SmallLogoAs a brand spankin’-new publisher, we plan to offer ten new titles by spring, 2016. While a few of those slots are already taken, we do have room for a few more. Here’s what we’re currently looking for:

The Siblings Series: We’re currently seeking short, true stories written by (or from the perspective of) siblings of children or adults with Autism, Down Syndrome, or Tourette Syndrome. These should be happy, uplifting stories (though they can show the frustration of living with a sibling with the disorder). Stories should be between 500 and 1,500 words. Contributors will receive three copies of the book, and may purchase up to 50 additional books at a discounted price.

Special Kids, Special Families: The owners of this publishing house have a special kid in our family. Actually, we have four special kids, but one of them is special with Autism. The others are just special because . . . well, you know. We will consider well-written, hope-filled books targeted to families of kids (or adults) with special needs. Pays royalties; no advance.

Fiction for The Young (or Young at Heart): We like kids’ books. Probably because the owners of Armonia are both teachers . . . yeah. So we’ll consider chapter books aimed at children ages 8-14. We’re looking for positive and wholesome tales, with the innocence of Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, modern day Anne of Green Gables, etc. Vampires and Ghoulies, we think you’re great and all, but you should probably look for another publishing house. Pays royalties; no advance.

Historical Romance: Make us gush and sigh with a good, old-fashioned hero and a rugged yet perfectly-feminine heroine. There’s nothin’ better. (G-rated, please. Okay, maybe PG.) Pays royalties; no advance.

Contact: We are currently (for a short time only) receiving open submissions. Send query to

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